Here’s the official teaser trailer for ‘Superman: Requiem’

'Superman: Requiem', a new feature-length high production-value Superman fan-film, will stage its World Premiere in support of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation on November 7th at London's Odeon, Covent Garden. The film continues from events seen in previous films, and Superman has firmly established himself as the unquestionable saviour of mankind, but when Lex’s son Alex Luthor discovers a way to remove most of Superman's powers, the Man of Steel must find a way to prove to the world that he is still a Super Man. Almost 300 individuals will be attending the red-carpet event, including all of the main cast and crew, as well as other VIP's and special celebrity guests and many of the world's press, and fans are being encouraged to join the cast and crew and meet them as they walk the red carpet into the event. The premiere, in addition to celebrating the completion and release of the film which has taken 18 months to produce, will be raising funds for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation which increases awareness and funds research that develops treatments and cures for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and other central nervous system disorders. ‘Superman: Requiem’ will be released publicly online on November 11th on the official website at, hosted by OpenFilm, and also on Facebook and Youtube.


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CW Press Release For Smallville Complete Series DVD Boxset

The Ultimate Collector's Set for the Ultimate Fan 

SMALLVILLE: THE COMPLETE SERIES Featuring All 218 Episodes, Including Never-Before-Seen Special Features, in Highly Collectable New Packaging The Complete Series Collection will also be released day and date with Smallville: The Complete Tenth Season Flying into Homes November 29, 2011 After 10 incredible seasons, Smallville: The Complete Series will soar onto DVD from Warner Home Video on November 29.

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Another Series for The Batman

Batman: The Brave and the Bold is ending its three-season run imminently, but DC’s iconic hero won’t be away from TV sets for too long.

The next Batman animated series, debuting in 2013, is titled Beware the Batman. According to Register, the CGI animated series will spotlight a classic-looking Batman teaming up with a gun-toting Alfred Pennyworth and a female ninja sidekick. Beware the Batman is executive-produced by Glen Murakami, and will also explore the mythology’s more obscure villains, such as Professor Pyg, but will also feature mainstays such as The Joker and The Penguin. In the series, Batman will team up with a younger female sidekick named Katana. During the keynote, Register added that Katana will fill the sidekick role, but won't be a replacement for Robin.

Superman gets the Chair in Action Comics #2

Action Comics #1 left us with a big cliff hanger at the end of the issue after Superman had been captured by the government. Now we have out first look at issue #2. The issue starts off with Supes being given a large dose of high voltage electricity but ends with The Man of Tomorrow making his own way out.


Check out Some Pages From Action Comics #2 after the jump:

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“The Golden Child” Superman Fan Film Trailer

The Golden Child is an ambitious SUPERMAN fan film, written and will be directed/produced by Andrew List. The film is going to be set in present day. It will feature many familiar elements that stay true to the legend. However, it will also have many creative liberties and realistic interpretations. When a disaster threatens the city of Metropolis, Superman shows himself to the world. After his arrival one person is blinded by jealousy and attempts to stop Superman once and for all. How will the Man Of Steel cope when he's consumed a lethal dose of liquid Kryptonite! 

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