LOOK TO THE SKY is a feature-length, not-for-profit documentary film about HOPE and young heroes who are inspiring us to believe in tomorrow.

The film will uncover the beauty, courage, and heroism that still burn brightly in the world. The film will tell the uplifting stories of young people who have demonstrated the iconic spirit of Superman.

By becoming real-life superheroes when facing life-threatening situations, homelessness, physical challenges, and loss, the young people in LOOK TO THE SKY are showing us that light can shine brightly, even in the darkest places. There is hope for the future. And the “Superman spirit” we grew up with is still living in the hearts of young people around the world who believe.

This film isn’t about the influence of the character, but about the hope Superman symbolizes and how it continues to be expressed through the inspirational stories of real-life superheroes.

Our aim with LOOK TO THE SKY is to help renew our faith in tomorrow, for ourselves and our communities.

Together, we can FLY! #SupermanIsReal

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