Let me first just say that I’ve never missed an episode of Smallville and that I’ve been loyal to the show even before it started in 2001. That being said I was really hoping they would end it this year. (Sorry, die-hard fans out there!)

They have really exhausted their story lines and cut major cast members this year. Also, until recently, I let it slide that they made drastic changes to the Superman continuity. But, Doomsday vs. Clark…Really? come on! And now Clark at the Daily Planet with Lois and no Superman! Geez!

With another season they’ll be grasping for material and stretching out the inevitable. Really though, what else can be said? He needs some snazzy red and blues and the ability to fly — The End.

I’m really not trying to hate on Smallville. I just want to see them do justice to the characters (that are left!) and end it in a dignified way. We have all seen TV shows go bad and, if you ask me, Smallville is getting awfully ripe.


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