Watch out Smallville!! Another sexy hero is on her way to visit! and it is none other than the lovely mistress of magic, Zatanna. Serinda Swan (Zatanna) will be appearing in the episode entitled Hex, and as you may know Zatanna is a DC original character. So way to go Smallville for looking back on your roots!



Smallville’s executive producer Brian Peterson descibes Zatanna’s appearance as follows:

Our Zatanna is basically the same character that everyone’s familiar with, only there’s a Smallville twist. We’re catching her before she has control of her powers.

You’ll get a chance to see Zatanna bring a heavy dose of magic into Clark Kent’s life when Hex airs on March 26. Smallville airs Thursday nights on the CW. The drama about the early days of Clark Kent stars Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Allison Mack, Aaron Ashmore, Justin Hartley, Cassidy Freeman and Sam Witwer.


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