"Smallville" Homecoming (Season 10 Episode 4) Airs Friday October 15th, 2010 on the CW! The show's groundbreaking 200th episode proves to be unforgettable with a visit to the past, present and future courtesy of Brainiac 5 (James Marsters RETURNS). And don't miss the final moments of this preview for a very special revelation between Clark and Lois! Courtesy of TV Guide!

Can anyone say: "It's a Wonderful Smallville"? 

Okay, so alot of shows/movies run the theme so I guess I'll forgive the writers this time. 

Wow the big "L" word coming from Clark and it isn't Lex, Lana, Luthor, Lang, Lois or Lane (lotta "L" words in Superman mythos, huh?)  No, it's LOVE folks! There should be a ton of happy Clois fans out there!

I personnally can't wait for this episode!  Congratulations Smallville on the BIG 200!!

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