The Source, DC Comics' official blog, reports that Cincinnati will be Superman's third stop on his walking tour across the nation. Offering possible clues as to where the Man of Steel will stop around the city in issue No. 703, The Source states that Superman will visit the "home of baseball's Reds and the NFL's Bengals and one of the largest historic districts in the country".

In the new storyline entitled "Grounded", the Man of Steel began his walking tour of the nation in Philadelphia and then toured Detroit. The 12-issue series features Superman attempting to reconnect with his adopted home and the people who inhabit it. DC held a contest for Superman fans to nominate a city for inclusion in the "Grounded" storyline, but it's not clear whether DC writers had already planned to include Cincinnati in the series or whether they chose it because readers campaigned for Cincinnati.

Issue No. 703 hits stores in September.  

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