I am assuming this first image is from the episode "Homecoming" (When Lois and Clark return to Smallville for their high school reunion)  Any takers as to who is doing the crucifying and why??  Smallville enthusiasts should have no problem with this one!

This picture is probably from the premier episode: "Lazarus"  So how do all of you think Jonathan returns from the dead?  Is it a dream? a flashback? or something else?  Leave your guess in the comments below..

One thought on “Two Leaked Pics from the Upcoming Season of Smallville!”
  1. I'm guessing Jonathan returns as a near death experience for Clark after the stuff from last season. As for Lois being crucified….that has to be that dude from the first season (cant remember his name) that got those electric powers when he got cruicified during the meteor storm. He's probably looking to get back at Clark through Lois.

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