Superman Cameo in The Dark Knight??




Recently Dateline Hollywood relased this image claiming Brandon Routh was an extra in the latest Batman installment. Well, apparently it really was him because they interviewed Brandon and he had this to say about his "Clark Kent" cameo in the film:


"I’m really confident that all of the fans are going to notice that Clark Kent was a guest at Bruce Wayne’s party and demand that Warner Bros. explain it by making Superman a prominent character in the sequel," he added. "And I’m really confident that when that happens, my landlord will get off my back and understand why I haven’t been able to pay my rent the past few months.


Dateline Hollywood also explained that:


"Though the character, who is seen in the background for just a few seconds, isn’t identified as Clark Kent, it could mean he’s going to play a more prominent role in the recently announced sequel, "The Dark Knight Forever."


What do you guys think? Is that him? I must have have missed it in the movie but maybe one of you guys were able to catch it.


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  1. Gotham Knight, Wayne Magnate | April 20, 2013 at 6:25 AM | Reply

    f…! Superman has always been a gay clown in a gay suit, out of touch of gritty reality. It would be a bad move for batman to have clarke kunt appear in his movie, unless its as his sidekick . Or as someone as a much lower superhero-status than Bat Bruce.

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