Well, Fall is almost here again and we all know what that means…NO MORE F***ING RERUNS!! Yes thats right our favorite shows from last season return once again with all new episodes! 🙂



…Even Smallville is coming back for it’s EIGTH SEASON (Yes it’s been on that long)



If you are having trouble recalling where last season left us, let me fill you in. Lionel is dead, Lana might as well be, Lex is gone for good, and it looks like Kara won’t be returning either.



So thats 4 major cast members leaving the show.. oh ..and did I if forget to mention that the producers/ creators of the show have decided to pack their bags too.





So do the math folks. Smallville was already steadily declining in my book without these devastating changes so what can we possibly be looking forward to this season?!



Well, here’s what we know about Season 8 so far. We’re getting two new villans that don’t look very promising. (check the back posts for more info on them) Clark will get a job at the Daily Planet (woohoo?). About the only promising news I can get from my sources is that we will see, in some fashion, the Justice League again.



Sorry if this post sounded way negative to all the die-hard Smallville fans, but I gotta be honest. Smallville has gotten really dry and repetitive the last few seasons. It pretty much ended for me when Jonathan Kent died and soon after they wrote out Martha (Anette O’toole)….Why did they do that?!



So for all those Smallville fans out ther enjoy what I hope to be the last season. I’ll be tuning in too, September 18th on the CW for the premiere.


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