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Metropolis, Illinois -On Sunday June 15th 2008, Superman fans from around the globe will attempt to set an official Guinness World Record for the “Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Superman” during the 30th Annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois.


Every June, tens of thousands of Superman fans descend on the city of Metropolis, Illinois to celebrate the “Man of Steel”. This year (June 12th to 15th, 2008) Superman fans will be given the opportunity to participate in a first of its kind, World Record setting event. While this record has never been attempted before, the Guinness Corporation set the parameter of at least 100 participants in approved costumes.




On Sunday afternoon (June 15th), participants will be required to meet at the designated area in town to sign in and have their costumes approved. At 5:00pm, the participants will be counted, gathered into an area at the base of the famous 15’ tall bronze statue of Superman in the center of town and documented for the Guinness World Record Corporation.


“This is a one of a kind opportunity for any Superman enthusiast. We wanted to end the 30th Annual Celebration with a bang and I definitely think this is what we were looking for,” said Karla Ogle, Chairman of the 30th Annual Superman Celebration.


Steven Kirk from Los Angeles, California approached the city with the idea. “It’s Superman’s 70th birthday, the 30th Superman Celebration in Metropolis, the 30th anniversary of the release of “Superman the Movie” and the 60th anniversary of the first appearance of Noel Neill as reporter Lois Lane. When you’re throwing a party that big, I though a Guinness World Record would be some sweet icing on Superman’s birthday cake,” Kirk said.


The World Record attempt is open to men, women and children wearing a complete Superman costume consisting of a blue bodysuit, red cape, red trunks, red boots (or spats), yellow belt, and the famous red and yellow “S” logo on the chest. The costumes can either be store-bought or home made, but must be approved in advance to make sure they meet the stringent requirements set by the Guinness World Record Corporation for this event.


The four-day Metropolis Superman Celebration also includes an all-star lineup of Superman related celebrities (Actor Ned Beatty from “Superman I & II”, “Smallville’s” Allison Mack and the original Lois Lane, Noel Neill), comic book artists, vendors, family-friendly events and music.


For additional information regarding the “Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Superman” World Record attempt or the Metropolis Superman Celebration, please contact The Metropolis Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-949- 5740 or email at metrochamber@hcis.net.


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