Along with the news that original cast members Kristin Kreuk and Michael Rosenbaum decided not to renew their Smallville contracts for next season, came word of two new characters — both villains — who will join the series this September when the show returns for an eighth year. Doomsday, we can only guess, will be Clark’s ultimate challenge, as he’s known in the DC Comics universe to be the only character to have killed Superman. And the second fresh nemesis will present Mr. Kent with other problems, seeing as she is intelligent, manipulative and they’ll have a mutual attraction. No additional information was provided.


However, t he female villain will be named Tess. In her late-20s, smokin’ hot and incredibly strong, Tess will take aggressive control of Lex’s estate in his absence. While she’s perfectly capable of making her own decisions, she will always differ to Lex’s wishes, as she’s completely devoted to him. She could prove to be his greatest asset, as she possesses numerous talents, including a power of persuasion that even Clark can’t resist. Still, she knows something isn’t right, as she can’t recall any of her life before meeting Lex, which leads me to believe that he’s got her under some sort of spell.


And the new dude they’re calling Doomsday? I’m hearing he’ll go by the name of Davis Bloome. A good-looking 20-something, he’ll tend bar at a trendy Metropolis club, and be popular with the ladies. Though seemingly easy-going and well-adjusted, he will battle a deep sense of insecurity and loneliness that leads to an unmistakably evil, dark side.


Well it looks like they’re doing again! They take a larger than life character (like Doomsday) and completely water him down into an awful human facsmile. With two major characters leaving and two shady (at best) arriving. I can only pray for the survival of the 8th season of Smallville. What do you guys think? Is season 8 gonna suck or what?








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