iF Magazine answers the burning questions: Is former Supergirl Helen Slater playing Clark Kent’s real mom, who is Dean Cain’s Dr. Knox and will there be a Season 8?


Teaser video of ‘Smallville’ season seven

iF: Among the guest stars announced for next season is Helen Slater, who’s been said to be playing "Kara’s aunt", and since in the comics Kara is Kal-el’s only cousin, doesn’t that mean that Slater is playing none other than Clark’s mother Lara?


GOUGH: Helen Slater will indeed be playing Lara in a series of flashbacks in Episode 6, and that may not be her only appearance this season!


iF: Dean Cain is also guesting this season, playing a character named Dr. Knox – friend, foe, or somewhere in-between?


GOUGH: Dean is definitely playing a foe. He is actually shooting his episode as I write this and he not only looks fantastic, but he really is a terrific actor as well.


iF: Phil Morris’ Martian Manhunter character will be appearing in quite a few of the next season’s early episode – are there plans to make him a semi-regular? And will we be learning more about him as the season progresses?


GOUGH: Martian Manhunter will remain a guest star, and we’ll learn more about him, but in our discussions with Phil, we all agree, the more mysterious and enigmatic the character remains, the better.


iF: Are Annette O’Toole and Michael Rosenbaum definitely leaving after this season?


GOUGH: Annette O’Toole is no longer a series regular, and we hope to bring Michael back for one more season after this one in some capacity.


iF: Any plans to bring back the proto-Justice League next season?


GOUGH: You won’t see the whole JLA gang again, but we will see Oliver Queen/GA sometime in the middle of the season with — hopefully — a new JLAer we haven’t met yet on the show.


iF: Has their been early talk of an eight season, or is it still a wait and see proposition?


GOUGH: We would all very much like a season 8, and that in our minds, would be the last season. But that will depend on many factors, not the least of which is ratings, so PLEASE KEEP WATCHING!


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