THE LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON is the epic story of the politics and betrayals that blind both heroes and villains to the coming disaster and culminate in the escape of only a single infant child. While exploring on the planet Krypton with its famous cities and futuristic society, Anderson will also develop familiar characters with new depth. Superman’s parents’ epic love story will culminate in the decision to save their only child by sending him away. Brainiac, the Kyptonian genius who later returned to terrorize Superman, will struggle between good and evil. And, Superman’s long–time villain General Zod will lead an early uprising on Krypton.

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EXCLUSIVE: In part one of a rare interview with Smallville co-creator/executive producer Miles Millar, he reflects on season six, reveals that fans are not the only ones who feel that either Green Arrow or the episode "Justice" should be spun off into their own series, and shares his feelings about Supergirl’s arrival in season seven.

EXCLUSIVE: In the second-part of our conversation with Smallville’s Miles Millar, we’re offered some spoilers regarding the development of the show’s seventh season and a discussion of how he and co-writer Al Gough would have approached a Superman theatrical film. Additionally, he previews the overall direction of the new year, looks back at the show’s history and shares his feelings about Smallville’s place in the Superman legacy

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