If you were Superman and you just so happen to find a lost GoPro camera, what would you do? Return it to the rightful owner, of course! But why not have some fun in the process:



3 thoughts on “Superman gets his hands on a GoPro Camera”
  1. Dude, can you send this video to my email so I can enjoy it again and again in repeat??!! This is AWSOME!!!

  2. This is absolutely the best superman site I have found !!! I will absolutely recommend
    your site to other fans I meet along the way in my life!!! You have my seal of approval!!!

  3. I was thinking of some ideas that whould make the site even better!!! The two YouTube videos to include on this site are trailer 3 from man of steel and the fan reactions to trailer 3 on YouTube from man of steel. Mabie you could even include the current man of steel motion picture movie film featuring Henry caville!!!

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