Hitting Newstands next Wednesday (December 14)


"If you’re a spandex salesman, 2012 is going to be your year!


Supes returns in The Man Of Steel, Andrew Garfield dons a brand new web-slinging outfit in The Amazing Spider-Man and the Marvel movie universe comes together in The Avengers. We’re taking a look at them all this issue, from dissecting the new Avengers trailer to looking at 50 thing you need to know about the new Superman movie and an interview with Andrew Garfield.

Blimey! Happy Whomas!

SFX 217 is on sale Wednesday 14 December, in stores and through Newsstand and Zinio. You can also subscribe to the print version of SFX to save loads on the shop price. 

So..are these colors going to be the "real" ones seen in the theater? And is December 2012 going to be the real release date?! Comments Please.

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