See what Tom had to say when asked about the season finale, breaking the "no flights, no tights" rule, and what it was like to bring Michael Rosenbaum back as Lex Luthor and work with him again.




In a recent interview with TV Guide, the Smallville actor talked in detail about the show. Read more below to see some of the best details.





You've already filmed the series finale and you have just a couple more weeks left. What's going through your mind so close to the end?

I find myself pretty excited to, in a sense, graduate. Every summer for the last 10 years, just after July 4th, I've come back here. And this year, I won't. I am anticipating that around that time is when I'm probably going to start more reflection. Because we are so busy now there isn't much time to think about that. So I'm looking forward to a reflective July.

What were you thinking as you filmed the very last scene?

I wasn't thinking that it was the last scene, because as much as it's the end of Smallville, it's the birth of this next phase in this character's life, which is pretty exciting. I've said this like a broken record, this show, to me, has always been about Clark Kent — it hasn't been about Superman. And it was very important at the end that we make sure that we wrap up the Clark Kent story. I hope that people have enjoyed the story that we've told.

With 22 episodes a year over 10 seasons has it been a challenge to stick to the "no flights, no tights" rule?

I don't know if this is going to come across the wrong way, but, no. Early on, with the concept of the show, it was never an option. There's been times when people wanted us to do it, but it's never been what the show is going to be. Some will say that after Season 7 we've actually become Superman, or some people refer to it as Metropolis. Sure, you can call it whatever you want. But to me, it just wasn't what this show was about. It's oddly that simple for me.

Michael Rosenbaum finally agreed to return one last time as Lex Luthor. What was it like working with him again?

It was fun. [laughs] It was a lot of fun. It was like he'd never left, but it was also like he'd been gone forever. But he stepped right back into it. Michael is extremely hilarious, he has this really unique ability to entertain and to be a completely opposite version of Lex until they roll the camera and then he goes right into it. I don't think he lost a beat, and it was one of the highlights of the season to spend the day with him.

How involved were you in the negotiations to get him to come back?

Oh, are you kidding me? I did everything I could. I texted him, I called him, we went to dinner. I'm just really happy that they were able to find a way for him to come back. I think it's so great for the show and the fans.

The two-hour finale of Smallville will air on May 13th.

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