"The Big Tease" column at FanCast.com has a few SPOILER details on "Lazarus", the Season 10 premiere episode of "Smallville".


The 'Smallville' premiere is almost here. I know you've got some Clois scoop you've been saving for this week, right?

Now that I have seen the season opener, I sure do. You know how there's been so much talk from the exec producers about how fun things will be now that Lois knows, but Clark doesn't know she knows? "Fun" doesn't begin to describe it. I was seriously LOL. Just wait for the scene where Lois goes fumbling for a pen.

What's next for 'Smallville's Chloe?

She is desperate to locate Oliver, who last was seen being attacked by a swarm of somethings that weren't Kandorians – and you know what they say about "desperate times." P.S. I saw one "Lazarus" review that said Chloe and Ollie share no scenes together. This is not true – and yes, I am a stickler for semantics.

I would like a 'Smallville' scoop about Clark's progression toward being Superman

This Friday, you will get a good look at the supersuit, Clark will get a good look at the suit… and so will someone else. Really, the "S" is so much better in Technicolor.

OMG, I am so excited about the final season of 'Smallville.' Must have some scoop!

Toward the very end of the premiere, there is a moment that made me literally exclaim "Wow!" at my TV set. I wasn't quite sure they would "go there," but god bless 'em, they did.

Source: FanCast.com.

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