Just kidding!  It's just the release of the mega huge DVD set of seasons 1-9 of Smallville

Details on the extras below on what to expect from the latest DVD set of Smallville from Warner Brothers.

* Kneel Before Zod Featurette: Since the Silver Age, the House of El has been plagued by the disreputable deeds of the Kryptonian villain, Zod. Now Smallville brings this infamous foe face-to-face with earth’s greatest hero, Clark Kent. Over the course of the season, Smallville promises to show us the rise of Zod’s venomous side, key betrayals with our beloved characters, and his rising from Major to General Zod. In this docu-featurette, we’ll create an in-depth look at this dynamic criminal from Krypton, his origins in DC’s Silver Age, and his various appearances in more recent film, animation, and live-action television.

* Justice for All Featurette: In the early 1940s, DC Comics formed the first team of superheroes in comic book history, with the Justice Society of America (JSA), pushing some of DC’s lesser known heroes to the forefront; Dr. Fate, Hawkman, Starman and Stargirl to name a few. Season nine of Smallville will see these characters in the “fantastical flesh” for the first time. In this script-to-screen featurette, we’ll meet with Smallville Creatives as they bring one of comic books’ iconic team of superheroes to television for the first time.

* Cast/Creator Commentaries on episodes Idol and Kandor.

* Unaired Scenes.

Check it out now:  Smallville: The Complete Ninth Season

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