During the CW Upfronts, Tom Welling was interviewed and give some hints about how the last season of Smallville could be.
Read carefully, between lines…

Q: Can you tease anything about the story arc for next season? It looks like we got a glimpse of Granny Goodness in the season finale.

Welling: Yeah. I hope so. I hope so! I honestly don't know. I wish I could tease something! The idea of Granny Goodness — which they had to explain to me, as we were shooting it — I thought was awesome. And I believe that she has this group of younger girls who work for her. I would imagine they would be around this year.

I just know that I would love to see a lot of the people we've seen in the past come back. We saw Annette [O'Toole] last year. I'd love to see John [Schneider] again. I definitely want to see Michael Rosenbaum. I've got to see Lex.

Q: We just saw him in the newspaper [in the season finale dream sequence] running for president.

Welling: Exactly. And whatever we're going to do this year with Clark being propelled into being Superman, how do you do that without a Lex Luthor? You know what I mean? That doesn't make sense to me. So I hope to see him.

Q: Are you excited, filled with trepidation, or a mixture of both about possibly fully wearing that suit?

Welling: Terrified. Absolutely terrified!

Q: Many a fan is wondering if you think you'll be coming back to Comic-Con this summer.

Welling: I'm open! You know what, it was great last year. Let's do it! Yeah.

Q: That's something fans are worried about – that her knowing [Clark is the Blur] isn't going to stick.

Welling: I'd like to see Clark walk into the Daily Planet and have Lana talking to Lois. I wonder what would happen there?

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