Brian Austin Greene will go from fighting evil robots (Terminator: Sara Connor Chronicles) to becoming one on Smallville! Thats right the all metal man, Metallo, right from the comics for his first (live action) television debut! He will even have that "trademark" kryptonite heart that will surely bring Clark some strife.


And who could forget Zod, the Kryptonian nemesis of Clark’s biological father, who has made previous appearances on the show. British actor Callum Blue (The Tudors, Dead Like Me) will be MAJOR Zod. That’s not a mis-print. He will be from Krypton’s past (before he became General Zod) As you might expect this will raise some continuity questions and also present Clark with some unique possibilities. For instance, Will he be able to save Krypton or could he meet Jor-El (the living version)??









Brian Austin Greene




Callum Blue


Who knows for sure where they plan on taking this story. My only hope is that the writers present everything well and make a great start for Season 9. I’ll be watching..Will you??




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