Erica Durance (Lois Lane) talking about this season of Smallville


In a recent interview, Erica Durance talks Superman mythology and the direction of Smallvile this season. Also, a petition to get Tom Welling in tights…um..ok..we’ll see I suppose. So will he fly this season? More importantly will the season fly with the audience…again we’ll see.




Will Superman ever “fly” again??!



James Marsden, who played Cyclops in the X-Men movies and the boyfriend of Lois Lane in Superman Returns, explains why he thinks Superman didn’t fly with the next generation of movie goers.



He basically believes Superman’s fundamental flaw is that he’s too wholesome and too "whitebread" compared to Batman or Wolverine (whose characters are agreeably edgyer and darker than Superman.)


If you ask me, and I know you didn’t, Superman just needs to face some enemies who truly challenge him physically and mentally. What ever they plan to do with the franchise, I hope they don’t try to change the character too much to appeal to this so-called next generation of movie goers. All they need is a great story line, lots of action, and not to stray too far from the original mythology. I still am worried about where they’ll take the next installment.


Tell us what you think about Superman Returns and the future of the franchise..Is he going to "fly" again??


Put your two cents in here!


“Smallville”, Season 8, Episode 2, “Plastique”


DC COMICS CHARACTER PLASTIQUE BLASTS INTO Metropolis; DAVIS BLOOME ARRIVES IN SMALLVILLE — It’s Clark’s (Tom Welling) first day at the Daily Planet with Lois (Erica Durance), and the pair are immediately thrown together on a story when a bus explodes outside the office. Clark rescues Bette (guest star Jessica Parker Kennedy), a young girl who bonds with Chloe (Allison Mack) over their shared meteor abilities, but Bette is hiding a big secret. Paramedic Davis Bloom (Sam Witwer) arrives in Metropolis and is drawn to Chloe.

Superman Reboot?! (More like a ‘boot’ in the collective asses of Superman fans)



Well, If you haven’t heard by now they’re probably going to reboot Superman. I hadn’t reported it until now because I was in a state of denial, but it looks like it’s really going to happen. This means a new cast of characters (most likely) and an even farther release date. (*sigh*)


However, in an interview with Fresh Ink’s Blair Butler, comic book author Mark Millar said he’d like to make a trilogy of films for this re-booted Superman series, and it might happen. Millar’s vision for a new Superman:


"I’ve had this plan for like 10 years for a big three-picture Superman thing, like a Lord of the Rings epic, starting over from scratch again with a seven-hour Superman story. One to be released each year." Millar said.


Millar says there’s nothing firm yet, but he hopes to get word over the next few weeks. The might start shooting next Summer!





“DCU Elementary” WHY?! or Why not? You decide…

Coming to a comic book near you “DCU Elementary”… Don’t be too afraid it’s obviously geared towards kids.
Well what you guys think? It looks alot like Muppet Babies or Baby Flintstones, but what can I say? It’ll introduce the classics to the next generation of comic book fans out there. So I guess I’m all for it!

Brad Meltzer, author of “The Book of Lies”, tells how he became a Superman Fan:

"…I wonder what it’s like

to be a superhero. I

wonder where I’d go

if i could fly around



From some other

planet I get this funky

high on a yellow Sun"



Boy I’d bet all my friends

would all be stunned,

Oh they’re stunned.."



–Rob Thomas

(Matchbox 20)





USA Weekend published an interview with Brad Meltzer about his love of Superman. Here’s an excerpt from the article…
I don’t remember the exact moment I first met him. In fact, I actually liked Batman first (as evidenced by the fact that I’m wearing a Batman cape in every photo of me from when I was 6 until I was about, say, 27). But I’ll never forget that night in 1978, when I was 8, and my parents took me to the movies to see him. Back then, it was Christopher Reeve in the costume. And as "Superman: The Movie" began to roll, I craned my neck up at the screen and lowered my hand into the huge tub of buttered popcorn that was sitting in my lap.
The lights came up. How mesmerized was I? I didn’t even realize that my hand was still sitting in that tub of popcorn. I hadn’t moved my now prune-fingered hand for more than two hours — it just sat there, shriveled from soaking in the butter.

And right there, my addiction was born.



“Smallville”, Season 8, Episode 1, “Odyssey”



The CW recently released these set photos of the seasons first episode of Smallville which airs September 18th


Also, below is the sneak peak of the episode where we find the "Justice Leagers" searching for Clark at the fortress.





Does ‘The Book of Lies’ hold any truths?



Below is a preview for a new book by Brad Meltzer. In the preview we see a possible new reason for why Jerry Siegel created Superman…very bizzarre




Did you guys know about this? A possible link between the worlds oldest villain and the world’s first super-hero. What do you think about Jerry Siegel’s tragedy having an impact on his creation of Superman? Leave your comments below..


Gor-el Revisted


The Onion recently expanded on an earlier comic post of ours. Here’s the story below:



EARTH—Former vice president Al Gore—who for the past three decades has unsuccessfully attempted to warn humanity of the coming destruction of our planet, only to be mocked and derided by the very people he has tried to save—launched his infant son into space Monday in the faint hope that his only child would reach the safety of another world.


"I tried to warn them, but the Elders of this planet would not listen," said Gore, who in 2000 was nearly banished to a featureless realm of nonexistence for promoting his unpopular message. "They called me foolish and laughed at my predictions. Yet even now, the Midwest is flooded, the ice caps are melting, and the cities are rocked with tremors, just as I foretold. Fools! Why didn’t they heed me before it was too late?"


Al Gore—or, as he is known in his own language, Gore-Al—placed his son, Kal-Al, gently in the one-passenger rocket ship, his brow furrowed by the great weight he carried in preserving the sole survivor of humanity’s hubristic folly.


"There is nothing left now but to ensure that my infant son does not meet the same fate as the rest of my doomed race," Gore said. "I will send him to a new planet, where he will, I hope, be raised by simple but kindly country folk and grow up to be a hero and protector to his adopted home."


As the rocket soared through the Gore estate’s retractable solar-paneled roof—installed three years ago to save energy and provide emergency rocket-launch capability in the event that Gore’s campaign to save Earth was unsuccessful—the onetime presidential candidate and his wife, Tipper, stood arm-in-arm, nobly facing their end while gazing up in stoic dignity at the receding rocket, the ecosystem already beginning to collapse around them.


In the final moments before the Earth’s destruction, Gore expressed hope that his son would one day grow up to carry on his mission by fighting for truth, justice, and the American way elsewhere in the universe, using his Earth-given superpowers to become a champion of the downtrodden and a reducer of carbon emissions across the galaxy.


"Perhaps he will succeed where I have failed," Gore said.


Despite the child’s humble beginnings, experts predict the intergalactic journey may have some extraordinary effects on Kal-Al’s physique, eyesight, and, potentially, his powers of quiet, sensible persuasion.


"On his new planet, Kal-Al’s Earth physiology will react to the radiation of a differently colored sun, causing him to develop abilities far beyond those of mortal men," political analyst Sig Schuster said. "He will be faster than a speeding Prius, stronger than the existing Superfund program, and able to leap mountains of red tape in a single bound. These superpowers will sustain him in his never-ending battle against conservatives, wealthy industrialists, and other environmental supervillains."


Although Gore and his wife voiced regrets that they could not accompany their son on his journey, they tried their best to equip Kal-Al for life on his new planet, providing the infant with a Keynote slide-show presentation of all human knowledge, a self-growing crystal fortress from which to monitor glacier shrinkage, and a copy of Al Gore’s 1992 bestseller, Earth In The Balance.


The baby was also wrapped in a blanket emblazoned with the Gore family crest, which, because it is made of Earth materials, will be invulnerable on the new planet. It is hoped that one day it will be fashioned into a colorful costume for the boy to wear while fighting wrongdoers.


"In brightly hued tights, it will be harder for people there to ignore him when he takes on his new planet’s lobbyists, auto manufacturers, and enemies of justice," Schuster said. "A bold and eye-catching unitard will give Kal-Al, last son of Earth, a formidable tool for protecting his new planet, a power more awesome than any his father could have dreamed of: the power of charisma."