"My earliest obsession was Superman. I have photographic records of me wearing Superman t-shirts and Superman costumes," he said. Roberson quit his engineering job at Dell seven years ago to become an author. A year and a half ago he turned to writing comics. Now he's landed the gold standard and he's delighted. "It's great because I get to spend weeks sitting around reading Superman comics and calling it work. I tend to clutter my desk with Superman action figures, some of which I've had for 35 years," Roberson said. "Now I get to make up stories about Superman, which isn't a million miles from what I did when I was six." Roberson's first edition came out last week, and he intends to emphasize Superman's smarts

"He's really smart. People forget it's not just that he can fly and is super strong, so put him in a situation where he can't fix by punching something and make him puzzle out a really smart solution to it," Roberson explained. Roberson considers Superman the ultimate immigrant and the ultimate self-made man, and he realizes there is a responsibility with his new gig. "It's a sacred trust, I think," he said. "Superman has been around since 1938. He'll be around far after I'm gone and it's like a stewardship. I've got to make sure he remains Superman for the months I'm telling him what to do."  

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