If you’re like me, you may have been asking yourself "Hey what ever happened to that Superman Sequel I’ve been patiently waiting for?" Well the good folks at the WB have been releasing statements about how the studio will NOT pursue a "Superman Returns" sequel anytime soon.



My sentiments exactly, Superman.

The project is currently on hold until the studio resolves all the legal issues with the heirs of the character’s creators. The goal is to settle with the Siegel and Shuster families, and then work out a deal with them to merge all the Superman rights.

Executives at Warners are eager to get a new "Superman" movie off the ground and have been gathering pitches that have been coming in. And even though the studio already lost the rights to Superman’s origins, after the merger, Warner Bros are likely to reboot the franchise, which will once again include the origins that we have seen hundreds of times.

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