With the ninth season of “Smallville” near the halfway point and the much-anticipated “Justice Society” episode by Geoff Johns set to air early next year, Executive Producer Brian Peterson hinted that the previously seen members of the Justice League will return this season.

“I would say we will see members of the future Justice League who we haven’t seen in a while,” Peterson told TV Guide. "They will appear in [the Justice Society episode] and in the back section of the season. I can’t confirm who you will see, a lot of it is cast dependent. But we do have plans to have a few more members of the future JLA back on the show.”

Peterson also spoke about the direction that the potential 10th season of “Smallville” would take.

“I think our plan right now is a reflection over the 9 years and taking him out of the darkness that we’ve had, with him in the black suit and where he went after Jimmy’s death, and taking him to a place of balancing his Kryptonian side and his human side,” said Peterson. “It would be him learning how to be Clark Kent and the entity that will be known as Superman.”

Additionally, Brian Austin Green is slated to reprise his role as Metallo in the 18th episode of the season according to a report from Entertainment Weekly.


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