In ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #1, explore more of the secrets of the “missing five years” between when Clark Kent came to Metropolis and the present day. Plus, Superman will have to battle his first Earth-born villain: the Kryptonite Man! We asked Associate Editor Wil Moss to tease a little bit about what fans can expect from the duo’s face-off. Take it away, Wil!


“Grant Morrison first introduced the DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 version of the Kryptonite Men in ACTION COMICS #5. But one of those three Kryptonite Men actually has ties to Superman that go back even further,” he teased. “Learn his origin, witness Superman's first exposure to Kryptonite, and get ready for an utterly epic brawl courtesy of writer Sholly Fisch & artist Cully Hamner! The Annual also sees the return of Steel, who, by the end, has a surprising new mission and agenda going forward…”

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