As previously mentioned, DC Entertainment will be releasing a comic book series called "Smallville Season 11", written by comic book writer and former Smallville scribe Bryan Q. Miller.  However, there was some stuff fans might want to know: 


This comic book series will pick up 6 months after Clark Kent donned the cape and blue suit and saved the world from the invasion of Apokalips. THIS WILL NOT PICK UP SEVEN YEARS IN THE FUTURE WHERE THE SERIES ENDED! There will also be former friends and family members returning in this comic book series including Oliver Queen, Chloe Sullivan, Lex Luthor, General Sam Lane, and many others. Now, the most important thing to remember here is that this will first be released as a DIGITAL SERIES, meaning it will be released online before it is released in print form. It will be released digitally starting April, 13, 2012, with new digital chapters released weekly. 


It will not be released in print form until May 16, 2012. The series will be written by Bryan Q. Miller, print covers by fan-favorite Gary Frank (Superman: Brainiac, Superman Secret Origin), digital covers by Cat Staggs, and interior artwork by Pere Perez. “New allies abound! New enemies afoot! And old friends return where they’re least expected! Pere and colorist Chris Beckett have done a fantastic job of capturing the look of the show and the players, and Gary and Cat are knocking it out of the park on covers. I couldn’t be more excited to help give seasoned viewers and new readers an all-access pass to Clark’s first year in the cape," enthuses Bryan Q. Miller. As a long time fan of the series, who watched every episode since the premiere in October of 2001, I must say that I am glad to see that they are coming out with this series. I feel like a lot of the long time fans were cheated in the finale episode, and that not only the fans, but the series deserves a bit of a better ending. I'm sure that there is a lot of pressure on him, but I am very confident that Miller is suited to the task and will bring us a story that all of us will be happy with.

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