Below are some pretty unusual set photos from Vancouver, in which Henry Cavill appears as a bearded and not particularly well-dressed Clark Kent. Speculators following the production have narrowed it down to three likely explanations:  


Keep Reading for Our Guesses as to what's going on here:

1) This is from a period before Clark Kent becomes Superman. Most synopses for the film do mention a time when Clark traveled the world, and one could imagine him looking a bit the worse from wear from this experience. 


2.) Clark is in disguise or on an undercover assignment, presumably something for The Daily Planet


3.) And the most improbable, albeit most dramatic explanation is that Clark has somehow lost his powers or otherwise fallen, and this scruffy look is the result of amnesia.  Of course, there's absolutely nothing to support that idea from anything we've previously heard about the movie.

And Here's Amy Adams presumably in the same simulated Alaskan village filming as well:





She still has red hair!!  You guys okay with a ginger Lois Lane??

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