Who remembers the hit late 90's hit cartoon "Batman Beyond"?

Last week, Bleeding Cool News reported that DC were to publish a Justice League Of The Future comic, with links to Batman Beyond continuity. Well I think it will very likely be called JLA Beyond, or something similar. Possibly a oneshot, titled "Superman Beyond #0". Not only that, but Superman Beyond will be written by a former Marvel writer and editor-in-chief with a history of writing future superheroes… accompanied by the art team known for drawing them. Could it be true?! What do you guys think? I personally would like to see it happen!  








Here's a clip from the Episode of Batman Beyond where we meet the Superman of Tomorrow:

Superman the last original Justice League member is being controlled by alien the League now consist of Green Lantern and Hawk Girls kid a new green lantern Aquagirl and Barbra they are all taken by the alien 2 to do its bidding batman with the help of retired Bruce Wayne stop the aliens.

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