HeroicWorld Productions proudly announces the release of the new superhero entertainment documentary Heroic Ambition. Executive produced by Scott Cranford and released by HeroicWorld Productions, Heroic Ambition is now available on DVD.

Heroic Ambition uncovers the ambition of the city of Metropolis and the people surrounding the Annual Superman Celebration.

Thousands visit the real city of Metropolis annually to celebrate the world's first Superhero — Superman, The Man of Steel. Witness the ideals of several archetypes within Superman's Universe. Meet the residents of Metropolis and the visitors to one of the biggest superhero entertainment events in the country.

Share the excitement, the controversy and the ambition as expert insights offer different sides to what goes on behind the scenes of the celebration for the world's most legendary comic book hero.

Heroic Ambition is available for $15.95 (which includes shipping) at http://www.heroicambition.com/order-the-dvd.html.  

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