Superman #704

Writer G. Willow Wilson (AIR) and newcomer artist Leandro Oliveira provide a "Grounded" interlude in SUPERMAN #704, detailing a visit Lois Lane makes to the town where she went to college in anticipation of Superman's arrival. When she runs into an old boyfriend and sees the nice, normal family he has, Lois can't help but examine the choices she made and wonder if they were the correct ones.

SUPERMAN #704 (AUG100156; variant edition: AUG100157) will feature a cover by John Cassaday. It is scheduled to arrive in stores on October 27. Because of this content change, this issue will be made returnable at a later date

Also, the story originally solicited to appear in SUPERMAN #704 now will appear in issue #705; the story solicited to appear in issue #705 now will appear in issue #706.

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