Jon Hamm For Superman Rumor Debunked Despite rumours to the contrary and rampant fan backing, the Mad Men actor will not be donning the red and blue in the upcoming Superman movie..

In July a site called ThinkMcFlyThink ran a story which suggested Jon Hamm might be in the running to play WB's new Superman. It was picked up and reported by most movie blog sites at the time. For some reason the same rumour resurfaced this week, even though there was no new information and it was still all sourced back to the old article from TMT(even though some sites ran the story as if it were fresh news).

Anyway, I guess this new surge in speculation caused word to reach Mr. Hamm(if it hadn't already) and he addressed and debunked the rumour this morning on "Live with Regis and Kelly" saying "If that's something that the powers that be are thinking about, I hope they get in touch with me." So there you go, no Super-Hamm for now!(sorry) At least that sounds like he would be interested IF he was contacted. All we know for certain regarding the somewhat controversial reboot is that Christopher Nolan will "Godfather" the project. It's believed that his brother Jonah could well end up in the directors chair, and that David Goyer also has a hand in it.

Either way, it's unlikely WB has seriously considered anyone for the role at this early stage, although they may well have a few people in mind.  

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