According to Smallville Season 10 is Confirmed!. The announcement would be made within the next two weeks.

“Fans of The CW series Smallville take note: industry sources inform CinemaSpy that the show has been renewed for a tenth season, and that the official announcement is probable before the end of January — possibly to be made on the Vancouver sets — when Peter Roth, President of Warner Bros. Television will visit the Warner-produced shows Smallville, Supernatural…and Fringe” –

still just a rumor until we hear from the CW..

2 thoughts on “Smallville, Season 10, Confirmed!!! (sorta…)”
  1. Hi, I'm a great fan of Smallville. Would it be possible for the final season to bring the Batman with the league? As we all know superman and batman are one of the best-stranges of friends. Green arrow has been the one around Clark the whole Smallville season in which that character should be Batman. I hope before the season 10 ends a Batman comes even as a special guest in one whole episodes who will Superman/Clark would trust his identity. Just like in the cartoons wherein the Batman/Bruce Wayne visits Metropolis and Ollie would be one of his friend to introduce them. I also hope that Mr. Gough and Miller would create a TV series about Batman. Thanks.

    1. As much as we'd all like to see Batman/Bruce Wayne come to Smallville, it was stated early on that it would never happen. It seems the "Batman Camp" is too concerned with movie side of the Dark Knight and thought a television representation would disrupt his screen persona..So who knows? Maybe it being the last season all bets will truly be off and a we'll see tights, flights, and dark knights..haahaa!

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