The CW Source has reported that the Wonder Twins are coming to the new installment of Smallville, and that they’ve already been cast.

Anyway, Zan and Jayna heading to Smallville was confirmed by Zap2it’s Brill Bundy. Revamped, of course. He reported that 7th Heaven’s David Gallagher has been cast as Tanner, described as a "hot skater dude." Meanwhile, Warehouse 13’s Allison Scagliotti will be taking on the role of Twyla, a "Pixie-punk teen."

As the Wonder Twins, they’d be able to communicate telepathically and take on a variety of forms. He gets water and she gets animals.

Tanner and Twyla will first appear on the fifth episode of Smallville, which is titled "Idol." They’ll certainly be stirring up trouble for Clark (Tom Welling). If not, they’ll most likely be helping him out


Just incase you forgot how gay the Wonder Twins are:


P.S. Wonder Twins SUCK!


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