The New York Yankees sucking wind at the bottom of the AL East. The once-crappy Tampa Bay Devil Rays near the top of it. All that’s needed to make sense of this bizarro baseball season is … Bizarro!


DC Comics will oblige, and nail a first in the comics powerhouse’s storied history, when the backward-talking, anti-Superman antihero lands on the cover of Sports Illustrated May 26.
Comics icons like Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman have graced the covers of other publications in the past, but this is the first time anyone from DC’s stable has graced the front

  of the sports magazine! And no, Shaq’s bicep tattoo of the Superman symbol doesn’t count. The occasion for Bizarro’s clearly confused entrance is Major League Baseball’s topsy-turvy 2008 season. DC Comics has literalized this perceived imbalance for the cover image (pictured, right) as a deathmatch between Devil Rays slugger Carl Crawford and Yankees golden boy Derek Jeter, whose seems about to have his spine broken before he’s thrown into the nosebleeds. For Yankees haters around the globe, this might be the best cover Sports Illustrated has ever published.
The eye-catching image was penned by artist Mark Bagley, who’s done the same for Marvel’s Spider-Man and Thunderbolts franchises. He’s currently at work with writer Kurt Busiek on Trinity, a new series due out in June that is dedicated to DC’s Big Three: Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman

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