Never before have I seen something so funny and so poignant at the same time!! And the best part is that it comes in the form of a Superman parody!! Hahahha!


[ Click on the image to read the full comic strip ]



One thought on “Gor-el: A man merely trying to save a doomed planet.”
  1. […] Gor-el a man merely trying to save a doomed planet.Gor-el (or as he’s known on Earth as Al Gore) tries to convince the administration that the planet is in peril but to no luck it seems..This is the funniest and most poignant parodies I’ve seen in awhile and best yet it’s one about Superman!! Submitted: 1 minute ago Category: Offbeat Submitter: RssFeed Website: Report this link: Click here to report Comments: 0 […]

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