A few years back I stumbled upon these images online and wasn’t sure what to think of them. Do you think they could possibly be an artists noble tribute? Or is it simply fan art that has gone too far?

DC smartly confronted this issue right up front in its book “9-11: The World’s Finest Comic Book”

“Writers & Artists Tell Stories to Remember” ($9.95; 224pp.) Superman, trapped in the pages of a comicbook, laments his inability to “break free from the fictional pages where I live and breath…become real during times of crisis and right the wrongs of an unjust world.”

Left behind as a fireman rushes into the flames, he adds, ” A world fortunately protected by heroes of its own.” When Superman, who has entered into the (inter)national consciousness as an emblem of American strength and goodwill, modestly salutes real heroics it feels right.

4 thoughts on “Superman and 9/11 imagery?? Where do you draw the line?”
  1. Hi I created the 1st image on photo shop, i shared it on facebook to see if my friends thought it was any good for a canvas. The meaning behind the image is, we may have all the knowledge and strength in the universe but we are still not able to stop all the devastating things that happen to out lives.

    i hope i caused no offence.


  2. im sorry prav, but i am deeply offended by what i see. its almost as if you're trivialising the events that happened on 9/11. as a new yorker, i find the use of its nature in bad taste.

  3. well i think that u are fucking stupid for taking offence to this dave i think the picture shows the united states as " superman" and is showing that no matter how badass and strong and invinceable we think we are…we do have a weakness but even if u take advantage of our weakness we will fight until our dying breath

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