As a fan of both Superman and the TV sitcom, ‘Seinfeld’ I felt obligated to research this myth a little deeper. The urban legend that surfaced claims that: Superman is referenced in EVERY episode that aired from 1989 to 1998. Now of course there are the obvious references like the Superman magnet and instances when Superman is talked about between Jerry and George. But the theory out there is that there are more subtle references hidden that only Jerry Seinfeld can readily identify.


So I started thinking about the show, the characters, and episodes I could remember off hand…then it hit me! This might sound far fetched and maybe a little crazy, but bare with me.. What if Jerry Seinfeld actually based the characters in the show after charcters from Superman comics!
Its a big stretch, I know, but think about it: Cosmo Kramer / Clark Kent. Or what about: Elane? El-lane –> L-Lane–> Lois Lane! So, if you take that into account, in a sense Superman IS referenced in every show, right?


Well, aside from that, A very detailed list of obvious Superman references in Seinfeld can be found at Also there is a discussion thread about it here


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