DC announced this week that their "Batman Facebook page crossed the 2 million Likes mark. More than 2 million people have signaled that they are fans of the Caped Crusader, a sentiment we whole-heartedly agree with.

It’s no surprise that so many people feel this way. BATMAN continues to be one of the most popular comic characters ever created, with top-selling and popular books BATMAN, DETECTIVE COMICS, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT and BATMAN AND ROBIN leading the way. And with CATWOMAN, BATWING, BATGIRL and BATWOMAN rounding out the BATMAN family – the whole line is really on a tear, backed by some of the best creative talent in the industry including Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Tony Daniel, and David Finch, among many others.

All this combined with the huge amount of anticipation for this summer’s theatrical release of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, and the recent critical acclaim and blockbuster sales of the BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY video game, it’s no wonder we crossed the 2 million mark.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who’s Liked Batman (or SupermanThe FlashGreen LanternWonder Woman orAquaman – even counting DC ComicsVertigo Comics and DC Direct) on Facebook. Doing so is the best way to stay in touch with the news, reviews, previews and interviews that are published throughout the day on those pages. And don’t forget to follow @DCComics and @Vertigo_Comics on Twitter as well."

– Did some research and found the following number of "Likes" on the other DC heroes 

(Facebook Fan Pages):


Batman                           2,020,586

Superman                       1,328,846

Green Lantern                   231,891

Wonder Woman                   82,164

The Flash                             54,825

Aquaman                              25,957

Plastic Man                               860


– Not much love for the plastic fellow 

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