Smallville's Executive Producers Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders just sent a letter to the fans of Smallville. On this historic, exciting, but also very sad day This is what they had to say:


To the Greatest Fans We Could Have Wished for,

It’s hard to know where to start. We know that we wouldn’t be writing this without you. We wouldn’t have met all the amazing people we’ve worked with over the years without you. We wouldn’t have had a chance to craft our skills, be part of the world’s greatest mythology or make a difference in people’s lives without you. For that, we are forever grateful to your support of the show. This last few weeks have been crowded with press interviews and they all ask what we hope will be the impact of Smallville. And the answer is simple because it’s the same impact the show has had on us: hope. Knowing each week there were millions of people in the world who tuned into this show because they believe in something greater, because they believe in justice, because they believe heroes exist, has humbled us and inspired us both. It’s hard to find anything in the world that is seen as pure good, and to us, that’s what Superman and Smallville is all about. Over the years, we’ve heard from many of you (we just moved into our new offices and there’s bamboo, paper cranes and flowers on our desk to remind us!). Hearing what this show has meant to people means everything to us. We cannot say thanks to fans without saying thanks to the hundreds and hundreds of people who have sunk their heart and a lot of sleepless hours into this show out of passion. No one can understand the sheer force of nature it has taken twenty-two times a year to bring this show to life. No one sees the late-night-caffeined-up hours spent in small offices both in Los Angeles and Vancouver that bring sets to life, costumes to life, words to the page, shots to screen, emotion to the camera and beautiful images that will remain in our memories.

From Kelly and Brian and Everyone here in the Smallville family, 


We Won't say "Goodbye" we'll say "Till Next Time" 




The Smallville series finale airs at 8PM tonight on The CW. 


And thanks to you, Kelly and Brian, as well as everyone else who gave us Smallville week after week. Your hard work was greatly appreciated!

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