The CW has just released the following images from the November 12th episode of Smallville entitled "Abandoned"

(The captions came from our sick and twisted peanut gallery of a staff we have here. Leave your comments/complaints in the usual spot.)


 TESS: "Hey guys, How evil do I look now standing behind Granny?"

CLARK: "Ever get the feeling a hot assassin is right behind you?"

CLARK: What?! A bowl full of kryptonite?! I'm never coming to this house again for trick-or-treat!

Granny's Girls!

Whoah! This girl can't enter my nightmare anytime!

"Hey Granny, Show us your impression of Neo again from the first film!"

"This claw is cool, but I need to remember to only scratch my butt with my left hand when I'm wearing it!"

CLARK: "Hey! What did I just say?! Not in the face!!"

"Damn! My chi-garden stinks! Guess I'll just burn it up now."

GRANNY: "Why don't you come to visit anymore, Tess? I baked you some cookies!"
TESS: "What do you mean I wear trench coats too much?!"

GRANNY: "Tess can you help Granny soak her feet?" TESS: "Sorry, Granny! Gotta run!"

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