Craig Byrne (Kryptonsite) has taken the laborious task of chronically the top 200 Moments That Made Smallville Great.  Just in time, coincidentally, for the 200th Episode which airs tonight on the CW!

Below are the Top 10. Please check out for all 200 moments!

"As the 200th episode of Smallville approaches on Friday night, October 15, we thought it would be fun to list 200 moments that made Smallville great."

1. Jonathan and Martha Kent find a baby in a field. Well actually, "we didn't find him, he found us." (Pilot)

2. Clark returns Lana's necklace to her front doorknob. (Metamorphosis)

3. Clark and Lana yell to the sky. They're friends now. (Hothead)

4. Clark sees a lot more than he expected to in gym class. (X-Ray)

5. Sean Kelvin tells Clark that his mom is hot. Millions of Smallville fans already knew that. (Cool)

6. Cassandra Carver sees a dark future for Lex. No, it didn't involve any clones or getting blown up by Oliver. (Hourglass)

7. A future Oscar nominee, way before she was ever dreaming of a true love's kiss, becomes something of a fat-sucking vampire type. Only on Smallville. Amy Adams has since done quite well for herself. True story: This got Worst Episode for the very first KryptonSite Awards! (Craving)

8. Once they get out of the Luthorcorp plant, Clark is greeted with hugs and love from his parents. Lex's relationship with his father, however, is a completely different, and sadder, story. (Jitters)

9. Clark goes to Metropolis for the first time in the series and stops a runaway bus. (Rogue)

10. Pete's almost as ripped as Clark is! (Shimmer)

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