Smallville 200th Episode Spoilers & Beyond!


A lot of spoilers and information has been circulating for the 200th episode of Smallville, which will be airing on October 15 (see a sneak peek and promo photos we’ve posted for the episode). We’ve decided to put together a little collection of spoilers and interviews about the episode for you. A one-stop shop for your 200th episode information, if you will. We also have additional information below about the reappearance of the Justice League in season 10.

TV Guide has hinted about how Clark’s trip to the future will impact his role as Superman:

Smallville 200th Episode Spoilers & BeyondWhile Clark takes a trip down memory lane with the surprisingly helpful Brainiac 5 (James Marsters), it’s his trip to the future that will most help him become the Man of Steel. What Clark sees “galvanizes his confidence,” executive producer Brian Peterson says. “He comes out [of the episode] as the leader that we know Superman to be. His leadership skills sort of jump up to the next level and that sort of maintains all the way through the rest of the season,” adds executive producer Kelly Souders.

Expect to see future versions of Clark and Lois, by the way. Not just Clark.

Newsarama, meanwhile, spoke with the producers after screening the episode and had a few questions to ask. With regards to whether we would be seeing Future Clark again in the tenth and finale season, Brian Peterson remarked: “There’s a very good possibility that he might reappear at some point.”

With regards to Oliver’s public stepping out as a superhero, Newsrama asked what the ramifications of that would be.

Kelly Souders: Well the first thing we’re going to do is see some ramifications of Oliver stepping out, and for Clark it’s very impactful in his life because he’s actually, the thing that he’s struggled with from the beginning about whether or not to be open with who he really is, he’s now watching his best friend sort of go through with exactly what he’d do…It’s almost worse to watch your friend take the hit because you’re still hidden than to take it yourself for Clark, because he’s such a hero. So I think that’s going to be a bit part of this journey for Clark, is watching what happens to Oliver. You know, after he’s come out.

When asked if we would see the Legion play a role in the tenth season, the producers had this to say:

Newsrama: Will we see the Legion play a role in the rest of the season, in future episodes? I know Booster Gold will be coming in, he has a little Legion future connection. Will there be more sort of future characters coming to the past.

Peterson: We don’t have, at this point we don’t have any plans for the Legion. Because Booster is the one character we really want to focus on that’s coming from the future.

Finally, expect to see the Justice League again. And you won’t have to wait until the end of the season – they should return in the middle episodes of season 10. Souders said “You’ll see more than one assembled at a time, and soon.”

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