Last week, we brought you the official announcement regarding "



All-Star Superman," the next animated feature in DC's popular line of movies based on celebrated comic book story arcs. Now, we have your first, exclusive look at the film!


Based on Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's celebrated 12-issue "All-Star Superman" series, the animated movie will feature "Desperate Housewives" actor James Denton as the voice of the Man of Steel, "Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks as Lois Lane, and "Without a Trace" leading man Anthony LaPaglia as Lex Luthor.

The teaser for "All-Star Superman" will also be available on the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of "Superman/Batman: Apocalypse," which hits shelves September 28.

In the 2005-2008 "All-Star Superman" comic, the Man of Steel is faced with a rare threat: mortality. The story follows Superman as he decides how to spend his remaining year, and what's truly important to the last survivor of Krypton.

The "All-Star Superman" movie will be executive produced by Bruce Timm and directed by Sam Liu ("Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths"). Dwayne McDuffie penned the script.

Back in 2009, Grant Morrison discussed his approach to writing "All-Star Superman" and superhero stories in general, telling MTV News, "All you have to do is turn the dial, and turn it into a metaphor and a symbol, and you've got superhero stories."

"All-Star Superman" is currently in development, with plans for a Spring 2011 release.

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