No other Smallville News to report (other than the pictures below) Just thought the fellas might want to see Lois in a tank top all tied up!

[Oh.. and the captions below each image do not reflect the opinions or views of They are merely the rantings of a lonely, perverted contributor who wishes to remain nameless]

CLARK: Whoah! Should I take her down, or just take a picture?! LOIS: Well, it's not the first time I've been tied to a pole!
LOIS: Oh geez! Did I wear the right bra to run in a cornfield today? CLARK: "Lois, are you okay?!" Maybe I can cop a feel before she wakes up..

LOIS: "I don't know what's hotter right now..This fire or Me!" LOIS: "Hey Lex, from up here I can see the Moon reflecting off your head!"

I wonder how Christianity would be different if Erica Durance was Jesus??


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