At a recent press conference for "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", comedian Jay Baruchel dished a little on what director George Miller originally had planned for the now canceled Justice League film.

"I'll just say this, if we had been able to make the movie that we had gone down [to Australia] to rehearse, if you had seen the production art I'd seen… it would've been the coolest thing ever. It would have been the neatest vision of Batman and the coolest vision of Superman you've ever seen. It would have been dark and fairly brutal and quite gory and just epic."

When Miller stepped aboard in 2008, the director moved full steam ahead and after enduring what Baruchel called a "…blogosphere [that] was not very kind to us," the project was shelved, and Miller was out. So what happened? According to Baruchel, it all came down to a price tag (upwards of $300 million) that would've made Justice League of America "the single most expensive movie in the history of movies."

With "The Green Lantern" movie on it's way next year as well as a third Batman film and a rebooted Superman franchise, DC could finally be put back on the map and eventually release a Justice League movie somewhere down the road.

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