Ausiello got the scoop on a new character being brought into the series: "Clark’s getting a new partner at the Daily Planet this season, and she’s got some major DC Comics cred. The character’s name is Cat Grant, and my good buddy Walter Wikipedia has all the deets on the currently-being-cast character. (And no worries Clois fans; Cat will serve solely as a comedic foil to Clark. I think.)"

Emilie Ullerup (who will play Cat Grant) said "I had a lot of fun with Catherine Grant. I got to be light and bright and bumbling and a bit dorky. Bumbling and dorky are two of my own strong traits. It would be a great character to further explore but I had a blast with what I was given on the one episode."

Did you do any research into Catherine's TV and comic book history before shooting the role?

"Yeah, but they went in a bit of a different direction with the TV version."

If Smallville follows previous storylines in the Superman mythology, Catherine could very well become the third corner of a Lois/Clark/Cat love triangle.

Did you and Tom (Welling) have the kind of on-screen chemistry that you think could lead to Cat Grant becoming a recurring role for you?

Emilie then says "I guess we'll see! I had a blast shooting with Tom. He's so relaxed and fun, and I know Erica (Durance) because Kyle (Cassie) worked with her earlier this year… so it would be a blast getting to muck things up for the two of them."

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