Superman 3.0 is actual movement towards a Superman Reboot!

A Warner Bros insider states “It would definitely not be a follow up to Superman Returns." Making it like it never happened. Sorta like the Ang Lee Hulk of 2003.

Here's the latest press release from the Warner Bros on the subject:

"EXCLUSIVE: Warner Bros is trying to ready its DC Comics stalwart Superman to soar again on the Big Screen, and the studio has turned to Chris Nolan to mentor development of the movie. Our insiders say that the brains behind rebooted Batman has been asked to play a "godfather" role and ensure The Man Of Steel gets off the ground after a 3 1/2-year hiatus. Nolan's leadership of the project can set it in the right direction with the critics and the fans, not to mention at the box office. Besides, Nolan is considered something of a god at and has a strong relationship with Warner Bros after the success of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Though he wasn’t obligated to do so, he gave the studio first crack at his spec script Inception, and Warner Bros was able to buy it before other studios even got a sniff. While Nolan completes that Leonardo DiCaprio-starrer for a July 16th release, he's also hatched an idea for Warner Bros' third Batman installment. Now his brother and frequent collaborator Jonah Nolan, and David Goyer who co-wrote Batman Begins and penned the story for The Dark Knight, are off scripting it."

This is Bitter/Sweet news for Superman fans. It means they are taking real steps to make the movie but at the same time forgetting 'Returns' ever happened.

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