He is one Daniel Shaw, a highly skilled CIA agent and expert on the Ring — and a guy that Chuck-Sarah 'shippers aren't likely to take a shine to, at least not in the early going.

Brandon Routh, who will play Shaw over multiple episodes this season, understands. "I'm keenly aware of that," the "Superman Returns" star says. "Being a fan of the show, I know the dynamics. Stepping in I was like, 'Man, people aren't gonna like me.' But you know what, it's OK — that's good. I will come off kind of as a little bit of a jerk to some people, I suppose, although I'm mostly pretty much business." 

Do you ever hear anything about another Superman movie?

"You get better news probably on the Internet these days than you can out of me. I think they're still dealing with the legal issues, the rights of the character. You'll know as soon as I do, I'm sure. "

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