Here is part of a Q&A with exec producer Brian Peterson about what and who is coming up after the holidays.



OK, so “Society” sounds huge!
It is. We have Michael Shanks playing Hawkman [and] he is perfect. It is one of the most exciting things we have done in the nine years we have been on.

Tell me everything.
We have an enormous [episode]. Geoff Johns is writing the big Justice Society of America episode for us, and when we got into it, we realized that is so much bigger than just one episode. We have basically turned it into a mini-movie. And from the footage that is coming in, it looks as good if not better than any hero movie that has been out in the last two years.



How do you introduce them?
We wanted to make their entrance into the series relevant, so they show up in a time when our fledgling League, that has not named itself or coalesced into anything, is having a few growing pains. So they are coming in to teach all of our heroes a lesson about family and leadership from the mistakes of their own past.

They’re from the future?
They are actually from the past. When we meet them they have been underground and are an older generation of heroes that Clark and Chloe and our generation of heroes didn’t even know existed. They kind of come out of the woodwork and there are a few sparks between our characters and the JSA members at the beginning of the [story].

Will we see Black Canary and all those guys?
I would say we will see members of the future Justice League who we haven’t seen in a while…they will appear in that show and in the back section of the season. I can’t confirm who you will see, a lot of it is cast dependent. But we do have plans to have a few more members of the future JLA back on the show.

Now that the no flights no tights rule has left the building…
God, this is such a tough question. We have discussed Clark’s development and where flying fits into that, you could say that. I think it will happen when the time is right. But I don’t believe that he is in the place where he is ready for that.

And what are you doing with Zod? Because we love Callum.
Callum [Blue] is fantastic. Zod has had plans that will be quickly unveiled…we will see Zod using all of his Kryptonian intuition and manipulation skills to basically achieve his quest of getting powers. He will do anything and use anyone along the way.

And you have plans to bring in the Dark Archer, as well?
We come back in January with a great dark archer episode where we bring back Mia, Oliver’s sidekick and kind of take her to the next level, to basically being Speedy for Oliver. She’ll be in a few episodes.

When you get a 10th season, where would you take Clark?
I think our plan right now is a reflection over the 9 years and taking him out of the darkness that we’ve had, with him in the black suit and where he went after Jimmy’s death, and taking him to a place of balancing his Kryptonian side and his human side—which he’s not doing perfectly this year. [Laughs]. It would be him learning how to be Clark Kent and the entity that will be known as Superman


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