Over Smallville’s nine-year run, the show’s universe has fittingly expanded; yet, fans would like to see a few characters come back.

Though we haven’t see her in quite a while, Martha Kent (Annette O’Toole) is still alive and well. Even though Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) is presumably dead, the Superman mythos would have to disagree. Jimmy Olson (Aaron Ashmore) was also lost last season, but the real photog and eventual best friend to Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is still running around somewhere.

Executive producer Kelly Souders discusses the fate, fortune or future of various Smallville characters who’ve been missing in action.

Smallville: Executive producer answers burning questions

Perry White: "We would love for [Michael McKean] to come on right now, he’s in a Broadway show. For now, it’s a no."

Martha Kent: "We have the coolest idea for her to come back, so you never know. Hopefully in the future."

Lex Luthor: "There’s no plans at the moment. [Rosenbaum’s] got a rather busy schedule at the moment, but I know he’d love to be back and we’d love to have him back."

Smallville producer sets record straight on Chloe-Clark relationship

The real Jimmy: "By the end of the series, I think it’s quite possible that you will see another Jimmy."

Old Jimmy: "That’s always possible, too."

Davis Bloom: "Davis is buried very deep in the Earth, but we love [Sam Witwer]. I never say never."

Dr. Emil: "Yes."

Metallo: "We don’t have anything concrete, but we would love to have [Brian Austin Green] back."

Zatanna: "I don’t know if I can say …"

Smallville: Who’s going to die?

Kara: "Not presently."

Sam Lane: "You know what, you never know when you get in the writers room and suddenly Sam Lane [Michael Ironside] is going to be the answer to all of our problems."

Lucy Lane: "We don’t have any plans to see Lucy [Peyton List] right now but we know fans would like more of Lois’ personal life explored."

Who would you like to see return?


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